Here is a story I wrote that I did.

My Day

My day was a normal day until it happened. Ah, just trying to scare you. No, my day was awesome, sort of. Oh it is halloween too. The most scariest day of the year! My mom was getting me a costume. You know, the one who dresses you in a ballerina costume. But instead of that it was an iron man costume! Red, yellow, and awesome. It even has a glow in the dark chest! And of course it came with a mask. I’m going trick or treating with my friend Frank. I was so excited when I heard how much candy he got last year.

The first house we walked to was Harry’s house, a friend of Frank’s. He gave us each a huge chocolate bar bigger than my hand. From there, I got so many nerds I could faint, but even that was not the best part. There was a park that was giving out free things like cotton candy, candy of course, cupcakes, and other sugary things, but because Halloween ends at 8:00pm we were late. Instead they gave us each an empty candy bag and said “Get two hand fulls out of this tub”. The tub was huge, and half full of with all the candy you can think of. We took as much as we could and left. My brothers and sister didn’t get as much as I did. I’m thinking I may have three times as much than they do, and when they saw what I had, they screamed.

We got a bunch of money for unicef too. It is an organization that helps kids in other countries with sickness and cares for them. The next day I Left the house to go some where. When I came back,I went, I saw, I was anger. I should have known. My brother took half my candy, and ate it all. I was furious at him! He ate my most precious candy. My one and only lifesavers. I told my mom as fast as I could. She said it will take more than sorry to make up what you did! But my brother did nothing. Mom and Dad said they kind of ack like democrats.

My dad helped me hide my candy somewhere safe where nobody could find it. He said I can take some when no one is around, and that’s what I did. So heres the lesen, be careful when you get candy on halloween, and hide it well or this will happen.