Here is a Narrative story I wrote not too long ago.

Hi, my name is Mack. But most people call me Matt instead. I am here today to tell about the story of how I helped a calico cat down from an oak tree minutes away from certain death. This happened in the New York in the middle of a highway.

Long ago, about 5 years ago, one day when the age of cars was at it’s height in New York, while I was driving my car on the highway to my first day of college. It was going to be great until I saw the cat, no wait ,a calico cat stuck in an oak tree in the middle of a highway in New York on my first day of college! I felt horrible for the calico cat stuck in an oak tree in the middle of a highway in New York on my first day of college. I pulled my red mustang with the roof down over to the side of the highway. When I got out I saw the owner saying, “Come down Spark!” In a crooked voice. She was trying to call the cat back down from the oak tree, but it wasn't working.

I went over to ask, “What had happened that made the cat go up the tree, and not want to come back down?” The owner, Becky, said “The cars on the highway are scaring Rainbow Sparkles,” spark for short, “so that he will not come down from the oak tree in the middle of a highway in New York!” “Can you, sir help me get Spark down from the tree?” “It is soon rush hour, and Spark will never come then.” said Becky still in a crooked voice, as I was wondering if I should save the cat, and be late for my first day of college. Or ignore the cat in the oak tree, and be on time for my first day of college. “Yes,”I said “I will save your cat even if it means being late for college.” Said a inner hero voice in me. I tried to climb the oak tree, and get Spark down. But Spark kept climbing up the oak tree in fear that I would hurt him, until he got stuck in the oaks sticky sap.

I didn't give up. I knew I had to help the cat before it is too late. I kept climbing. Once I got to the level of branches Spark was on, I got him loose from the sap of the oak. I brought Spark down to Becky just in time. It was rush hour. Hundreds of car were on the highway. Spark was lucky that I was there to save him, and bring him back to Becky. After this Becky and Spark were getting a haircut, while I was enjoying my first day in college. It was a great first day, even though the council said, “If this happens again you're out of here.” I was happy I did the heroic deed of saving the calico cat from the tree.

Here is a big writing piece on online safety that I worked on for about a month.
Online Safety
Digital Etiquette, Cyberbullying, and Information Privacy is for you to learn how to be safe online. Digital Etiquette is a set of rules you need to know to be safe online. Cyberbullying is when a person is being mean to another person online. And Information Privacy is keeping your life private online.

Digital Etiquette or Netiquette is a set of rules you should follow when you are on websites, games, emails, or snap chat. Some people forget the rules and lose control when they get online. And say something they would never say in person. Sometimes it leads to online flaming or if more people join in, it can turn out into a full on flame war. Trolls are people who cruise the internet trying to start flame wars. But they try to stay anonymous [unidentified]. Things to do to follow the rules. Don’t post something about your friend that they don't want you to. Always be polite on online games and chats. Don’t spell in all CAPS it makes it sound like you're yelling. And try not to start an argument. Don’t forget any rules because they are very important to you. Not just online, in real life too.

And Cyberbullying is when a person bullies others online. They do it on many things like games, websites, texts, and emails. Cyberbullying also includes sending embarrassing photos, posting secrets about somebody, leaving someone out of online groups, or posing as someone to make them look bad. Unfortunately, there are as you can see, dozens of ways to Cyberbully. If you think bullying is a joke you are very mistaken. The person you sent the message to can have their feelings hurt. And if it is harsh enough the person can get a headache or nausea. Some cyber bullies don’t even know they're being mean and others forget that there talking to a real person.

Information Privacy is how you keep your online life private. Don’t give your personal information to a website, game, or a person you don’t know about. Some companies gather long lists of emails and sell them to spammers. If you get an email or text from a person you don’t know. Delete it right away. And think about who getting your personal information. Never open a spam attachment. It may give you a virus or it can be a cheap/fake website. Sometimes games you down load have malware hidden inside which tracks what website you go on and sends it to advertisers. You could buy antispam and antispyware to install on your computer. But that might not protect you from identity theft. Identity theft is a person who steals your identity and money. So keep your identity safe.

Digital etiquette, cyberbullying, and information privacy may have taught you how to be polite, not to be mean to others online, and how you keep your identity safe. So always be safe online and follow the rules. Don’t make someone feel bad about themselves too.

This piece is about the Exoducters.
The Homestead act was an act that the government made to encourage the people to move in the unsettled land out west to make the nation bigger. It was signed by Abraham Lincoln in 1862. It would allow a citizen to buy no more 160 acres. If they made improvements a house, farmed the landed, and lived on the land for 5 years. It was theirs. This made an opportunity for the Exodusters.

The Exodusters were a small group of black homesteader lead by Benjamin (Pap) Singleton. They based their life on the ancient Israelites. The Israelites were enslaved by the egyptians. And then Moses set them free from the egyptians. Like the black were enslaved to the plantation owners. And Benjamin singleton set the black slaves free from slavery and gave them a new life in Kansas. Which lead to the creating of Dunlap and Nicodemus.

The Exodusters moved west so they could claim land and settle on it by the Homestead act and get away from the racial segregation and intimidation of the South. They started the towns Dunlap and Nicodemus in 1879 and others such as Taft, Langston, and Boley in Kansas. They chose Kansas because of its Anti-slavery activists for sympathetic fight for justice and it was fairly close to the lands they were on. Nicodemus started one of first all black baseball teams called the Nicodemus blues. The Blues played with other black teams in Texas, Nevada, and Louisiana. Satchel Paige was one of the best black baseball players in American baseball history. In 1876 Nicodemus was designated a National Historic Landmark.

THe Exodusters were important because they had tremendous courage leave the south and moving to the west with only little. But they still did not give up. They gave everything they could to be free, have their own land, and community of blacks away from every kind of slavery. And its all because of Benjamin Singleton helped them get started.